Andrea La Rose učitelka hudební výchovy

I believe everyone can make music - compose, improvise, interpret - and attain a level of competency that enables them to connect with themselves and others. While I value virtuosity in music, I recognize that there is plenty of satisfying music-making to be made on the journey there, and it's okay if we never make it to virtuosity.

This is how I make this belief come true:

  • I help students become independent learners: I help them understand how to evaluate themselves. I describe what you should listen for, what it should look like, and how it should feel, so that the student knows when they are successful.
  • I systematically pinpoint problem areas and solve them with manageable steps.
  • I am positive, patient, and fun. I am just picky enough so that one improves, but not so much that one feels discouraged.
  • I am open-minded and like to learn about what moves my students musically.

In aesthetic education, my goal is to deepen the students' response to music via journaling (using techniques developed by artist Lynda Barry) about what we perceive in music and in ourselves as we listen, developing a common terminology (how people in the past have talked about musical phenomena), and creating music and other forms of art.

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