Loňská purimová sbírka

Za 5 135 Kč, které jsme vybrali při Purimu, pořídila před Jom Kipurem mládežnická vesnice ORT v Hodayot sadu sidurů pro oslavu Bar a Bat micva své 7. třídy. V této vesnici se vzdělávají děti z izraelských rodin ze znevýhodněného sociálního prostředí.

Děkovný dopis, který nám vesnice poslala, naleznete níže:

The 7th grade at Hodayot is comprised of 15 students. Approximately 50% of them are new immigrants. Some made Aliya only this past year and are struggling to adapt to the new environment and language. The other 50% are native Israelis (sabras), some of which come from difficult family backgrounds facing socio-economic challenges.

This year the students will be celebrating their bar mitzvah and for many of them this will be their first true encounter with Judaism and the meaning of being B'nai Mitzvah (under the duty of preforming mitzvahs).
As part of a special program called “Bar Mitzvah Year” that is carried out during the school day, we are teaching the students about the Jewish world and the meaning of the mitzvahs – both theoretically as well as through various tours intended to create a meaningful experience for them. We will also planning to hold a festive ceremony in the western wall in Jerusalem.

Thanks to your generous contribution, we will be able to purchase several “Siddur” books to hand out to the students during the ceremony. This will definitely help create an even more meaningful and memorable Bar Mitzva experience for the students.

We are truly grateful and wish you a happy new Jewish year!