About us

Lauder school includes a kindergarten, an elementary school and a high school. All the three parts of the school are located in the school’s building in Belgická street in Prague 2. Lauder school is an education project of the Jewish community in Prague. It is open to pupils and students of all Jewish backgrounds and/or true interest in education in Jewish tradition.

The elementary school was established in 1997. The high school opened its gates to the first students in 1999. In 2002 the school reached the full number of classes: 9 classes in the elementary school and 4 classes in its high school. Another important moment in the history of the school came in 2009 when the school changed its educational program and the school started to offer a higher standard of education in an 8-year-long high school. In the same year, we opened our own kindergarten Gan Yehuda.

The school is opened also to non-Jewish children, however the respect for Jewish tradition and Jewish ethical principles is a demand we request from all of our students.

Our teachers created a specific school’s curriculum “Le Chajim” that follows the demands of the Czech state’s standards for kindergarten, elementary and high school education. In addition, our school offers a program of Jewish education and Hebrew language. (More about Judaism)

Our students can use the opportunity for further personal development during project days with various topics, debates with prominent figures of both the Jewish and non-Jewish world; in afternoon classes of English, pottery, sport, afternoon film club, club of volunteers “Mitzvah team” etc.

The school building has recently been renovated. The venue includes computer lab, library, sports field, gym and a music studio.

Our school canteen provides dairy and meaty kosher meals (morning snacks and lunches.) Children of elementary school are welcome to stay in the school’s after-school center (“družina”) both before and after their classes.

More about us

Tradition and mission

Lauder School of Prague is a part of the European network of Lauder schools, which was established by the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in 1990s in Central and Eastern Europe. The founding fathers of the Prague Lauder School were the Prague chief rabbi Karol Efraim Sidon and Leo Pavlát, the head of the Prague Jewish Museum and the Prague representative of the Lauder Foundation. More

How do we teach Judaism

Judaism is the central element in our school’s instruction. Judaism is taught in a school subject called Jewish studies (“židovská výchova” and “židovská studia”) and in Hebrew classes. Jewish topics are also a part of other school subjects i.e. science, history, geography, languages instruction, civics, arts and music. Jewish topics appear also in most school’s projects. More

R. S. Lauder foundation

The R. S. Lauder foundation was established in 1987. Its goal was to revitalize Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe. The origin of this idea comes from the time when Ronald S. Lauder served as the U.S. ambassador to Austria. During his work in Vienna he became familiar with the fate of European Jewry during WWII. R. Lauder started to realize how much impact the history had on the gradual forgetting of Jewish values in Europe. This led him to further study of Jewish heritage and search for means of its support in this region. As a result, his foundation finances around 40 projects and institutions in more than 20 cities of 15 European countries. Most of these are schools and kindergartens; however the foundation supports also children summer camps, education and community centers, synagogues and youth clubs. The foundation supports also special projects that include genealogy project of the Polish Jewish Historical Institute, the Anti-Defamation League in Vienna etc. More