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  • 15. 7. 2018
    ORT Launches its International Alumni Network / World ORT is delighted to announce the launch of the ORT Alumni Network, an initiative to create a community of ORT graduates around the world. · More
  • 17. 6. 2018
    ORT Students Bring New Torah to CIM-ORT / ORT students in Mexico are not only taught to aim high, work hard and achieve their goals, but they are also taught to have pride in their Jewish identity. This spirit was just recently demonstrated for a wonderful purpose, where senior high school students started a minyan for Shacharit – morning prayers – on Mondays and Thursdays at Colegio Israelita de México ORT (CIM-ORT). And, drawn to the unifying and tranquil prayer environment, the number of enthusiastic students attending has been increasing. · More
  • 24. 5. 2018
    Three ORT Educators Receive Coveted Cisco Award / An important aspect of the World ORT educational network in Russia is its focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) instruction. With an economy driven by technological advances and the information technology sector in Russia rapidly accelerating its development, ORT programs and courses provide students with relevant skills and an edge for the competitive employment market. · More
  • 24. 5. 2018
    What is the role for educators in the fourth industrial revolution? / In recent years new technologies and online connectivity have introduced considerable changes to our daily lives, including how we work and study. And it’s likely that new technologies will continue to transform how we live for years to come. · More
  • 1. 2. 2018
    Education goes ‘soft’ to prepare children for the future / How can schools bridge the gap between “21st century skills” – such as leadership, adaptability, responsibility and cross-cultural skills – and scientific and technical knowledge? · More
  • 5. 1. 2018
    Restore the glory days of technology education, Israel urged / Israel must restore technological education to the level it enjoyed a generation ago if it is to win the battle against poverty and inequality, World ORT Director General and CEO Avi Ganon says. · More
  • 25. 12. 2017
    A risk worth taking: ORT trains human rights workers in Mexico / The murder of a journalist in front of children and parents at a Christmas party at his son’s school is the latest example of why Mexico is considered to be one of the deadliest countries for journalists. Thanks to a $1 million grant from USAID, ORT University Mexico is working towards improving the situation. · More
  • 5. 12. 2017
    ORT school “most modern” in Lithuania – survey / The ORT Sholom Aleichem School has been named the most modern school in Lithuania in an annual survey published by the country’s education magazine, Reitingai. · More
  • 25. 10. 2017
    ORT building communities in Ukraine “has lessons for America” / American Jewish communities could learn from what World ORT is doing to ensure the future of Jewish communities in Ukraine and Russia, according to Susan Goldman, Immediate Past President of the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts. · More
  • 1. 10. 2017
    ORT connects Jews to their heritage and to each other / World ORT students’ enthusiasm for learning and for being Jewish made a big impact on the members of ORT America’s mission to Russia. · More
  • 25. 9. 2017
    ORT school joins Mexico quake relief effort / The CIM ORT community – including kindergarten and primary children – swelled the ranks of volunteers helping Mexico recover from two devastating earthquakes. · More
  • 20. 9. 2017
    A Rosh Hashana Message from World ORT President Dr Conrad Giles / ORT had barely been established in St Petersburg when a poor Jewish family in the Pale of Settlement sent their son to Bialystok in the hope of an education. But a quota had been placed on Jews in schools and the boy was unable to enrol. Without the money for a private tutor the boy’s future looked bleak. Fortunately, three educated men were found who each volunteered some of their spare time to teach him. After five years he left for the Goldene Medina and became a successful lawyer. · More
  • 8. 9. 2017
    Digital Skills Academy makes ORT students stand out from the crowd / They came thousands of kilometres to Bulgaria to learn the latest in photography and audio and visual production but the 27 students on World ORT’s Digital Skills Academy have returned home with much more. · More
  • 17. 7. 2017
    Making the desert bloom with robots / The study of robotics has blossomed in the desert town of Dimona since World ORT extended its programme of quality STEM-related extra-curricular activities there – and the evidence was seen in England when 22 World ORT students competed at the FIRST Lego League International Open Championship at the University of Bath last week. · More
  • 15. 7. 2017
    ORT students join a Papal initiative for peace / Fears of increasing extremism, polarisation and populism dominate the news but World ORT students are bucking the trend by taking part in an exciting international initiative aimed at fostering tolerance, communication and pluralism. · More
  • 14. 7. 2017
    ORT Uruguay bridges Latin America and Australia / ORT Uruguay’s Australian Studies Centre has been hailed for boosting cooperation between Australian and Latin American universities. · More
  • 24. 5. 2017
    Choose science! Nobel laureate tells ORT students / What the world needs now is more scientists, Nobel laureate Professor Daniel Shechtman told excited students at the Lauder-ORT Jewish School in Bulgaria. Professor Shechtman, an Honorary Chair of World ORT’s Academic Advisory Council, was in Bulgaria to open the Sofia Science Festival where he delivered the keynote address on Technological Entrepreneurship – Key to World Peace and Prosperity. He also met President Rumen Radev after which the Bulgarian head of state committed the country to deepen its relations with Israel in the fields of education, innovation, technology and agriculture. · More
  • 21. 5. 2017
    Hodayot Youth Village – a school with a soul / How do you help children find their way into an adult world which has always let them down? A programme to provide horses for Israel’s police force is one solution for students at World ORT’s Hodayot Youth Village. Children with emotional problems join peers on the school’s unique police studies track to look after and train the horses for three years at which point they are handed over to the police for active service. · More
  • 19. 5. 2017
    From computer literacy and technology integration to transformation of the educational process within a school / Article by Grigory Vodopyan (ORT de Gunzburg School, St Petersburg) and PhD. Alexander Uvarov (Computing Center, Russian Academy of Sciences) published in the Educational methodical journal for teachers of computer science “Informatics” #05 (687), 1-31.05.2016, September First Publishing House LTD, Moscow. Read the full article in Russian here This article describes ORT de Gunzburg School’s practice of executing the transformation of the entire educational process with an aim to achieve the result where each and every high school student understands computer science at a level allowing them to progress into further study in higher education establishments without having to take other courses. Transformation of the learning process and achievement of the goal was made possible by making the learning process individualised. · More
  • 15. 5. 2017
    Teaching children to be engineers of change / Entrepreneurial skills are more important than ever – and World ORT hopes that a new pilot programme will take the teaching of such skills from the margins to the mainstream of its international school network. Teachers from five ORT schools in Mexico and Europe have spent this week in Israel with colleagues from three of the country’s World ORT schools learning how to introduce teenagers to the world of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. · More
  • 10. 5. 2017
    Kfar Silver students are cracking physicists! / When it comes to physics, the students and staff at Kfar Silver Youth Village go for gold. Their uncompromising quest for excellence in science saw them win Israel’s national “safe-cracking” competition in what was only their second attempt. And they fought off tough competition from the United States, United Kingdom and other countries when the “safe” they designed took them to fourth position at the Shalheveth Freier International Physics Tournament. · More
  • 25. 4. 2017
    A question for Yom HaShoah – what have we learned? / As a child hiding from her would-be murderers in Nazi-occupied Belgium, Charlotte de Grunberg used to watch the trains leave town and disappear into the distance envying their freedom, not knowing the terrible cargo they carried. · More
  • 20. 4. 2017
    Robotics competition gets tough on smarter students / Robotics students are getting smarter, so organisers of the international Nadav Shoham Robotraffic competition have put them on notice – next year’s contest is going to be more difficult! · More
  • 2. 4. 2017
    World ORT’s Hatter Seminar takes a new direction / Physics is so much more than F = ma – the challenge is how to make students see beyond dry equations and engage with the mysteries of the universe, understanding of which can be both intellectually and materially rewarding. · More
  • 2. 4. 2017
    Nature and science inspire students at Ecology Summer School / From ants to sea urchins and coral reefs to cloud forest, the 28 teenagers on this year’s World ORT Ecology Summer School have trekked and splashed their way through an inspiring array of Panama’s stunning flora and fauna. · More
  • 7. 2. 2017
    CIM-ORT storms ahead in robotics / After a year in which its students have impressed judges in robotics competitions around the world, Colegio Israelita de Mexico-ORT (CIM-ORT) is looking forward to hosting its own contest. · More
  • 6. 2. 2017
    Awards for ORT network’s best teachers / A geography teacher in Israel, a maths teacher in South Africa and a dental prosthetics teacher in France are among this year’s winners of World ORT’s Beatrice Wand Polak Award. · More
  • 5. 2. 2017
    ORT Montreal Gala sets new fundraising record / ORT Montreal has raised more than $800,000 for World ORT projects in Israel at its annual fundraising dinner. Its Ted Wise Benefit Gala for Jewish Education was the most successful yet with the 2,300 people attending investing $1.6 million in Jewish education locally and overseas. · More
  • 4. 2. 2017
    ORT school builds Lego bridge to greater Jewish involvement / Lego is no longer just child’s play, its specialised kits are a tried and tested way for young people to learn about scientific and technical principles and have fun while they do it – as students at the Lauder-ORT No 134 “Dimcho Debelianov” Jewish School are now finding out. · More
  • 11. 1. 2017
    Remember World ORT TOP 2016 stories / January… A new year and we have our eyes set on new horizons. But we can’t reach our destination unless we know where we’ve been. So let’s look back at the past 12 months and appreciate what we’ve been able to achieve together. Because without your support we wouldn’t have been able to improve as many lives as we did. · More
  • 10. 1. 2017
    Emergency appeal: Donate to help Meir Barko replace what he lost in the Israel wildfires / “HELP MEIR” – Join us as we help Meir Barko, the janitor at Kfar Silver Youth Village, buy new furniture and clothes for himself and his family. · More
  • 9. 1. 2017
    Shine light into the lives of Syrian refugees this Chanukah / “We want to live like the rest of the world. We want peace. We wish to live.” With these words, children at Aleppo’s last orphanage have been pleading for the world to help. They are among the tens of thousands of people who endured unspeakable horrors while trapped in the remains of the city. · More
  • 6. 12. 2016
    Going for gold made easy by World ORT’s Ecology Summer School / An unforgettable fortnight studying Panama’s stunning wildlife on a World ORT summer camp has helped Valentina Campisi win a scholarship to one of the best engineering schools in Latin America! · More
  • 4. 12. 2016
    Israel fires – an update from World ORT / Dear friends, Like you I watched the spread of fires across Israel with deep concern. Our thoughts at this time are with those who have been affected by the fires and I am sure you will join me in praying for their safety and for their situations to improve. · More
  • 10. 11. 2016
    Educators take the LEAD in new World ORT programme / A new programme aimed at supporting the “engine room” of education has been launched by World ORT with the backing of the HH Wingate Foundation. The LEAD (Leadership in Education, Administration and Development) Program underway at ORT House, London, is a pilot project replacing the Wingate Seminar series which ran for 15 years. · More
  • 10. 11. 2016
    ORT students learn how to use their loaf! / Baking challah has never been this much fun! Hundreds of ORT students from Argentina to India came together via videoconferencing for a challah agula workshop – making the round loaves traditionally eaten at Rosh Hashana. · More
  • 5. 10. 2016
    World ORT mourns Shimon Peres a”h, 1923 – 2016 / Schools across Israel opened this morning by studying Shimon Peres’s contributions to the country. It was a fitting tribute to a statesman whose lifelong devotion to Israel included a keen awareness of the central importance of education. · More
  • 21. 9. 2016
    It’s a happy new school year for ORT students! / Our students in the northern hemisphere have been celebrating their return to school after the long summer vacation as much as their parents – and there’s a lot to be happy about! In Israel, the World ORT Kadima Mada network now has six schools with the addition of Kfar Silver Youth Village. · More
  • 10. 9. 2016
    World ORT brings students to Weizmann Institute for a summer lovin’ science / Summertime. It’s when, according to the song at least, the living is easy. But for 20 ambitious teenagers this summer the time was right for undertaking post-graduate level research at one of the world’s leading scientific institutions – the Weizmann Institute. · More
  • 15. 8. 2016
    ORT’s international network makes the world a smaller place / With tens of thousands of students across five continents, World ORT’s international network of schools, colleges and universities offers unrivalled opportunities for cultural and educational exchange. · More
  • 13. 8. 2016
    Making dreams come true at World ORT’s Digital Skills Academy / Dozens of ORT students are thinking about their future now that they have returned to their home countries after an action-packed fortnight at World ORT’s Digital Skills Academy in Bulgaria. · More
  • 29. 7. 2016
    ORT Marseille named a ‘digital pioneer’ / Students and staff at ORT Marseille are enjoying a well-deserved summer vacation having ended the year with exceptional Baccalauréat results and an official designation as a Pioneer Digital College. · More
  • 29. 7. 2016
    Rewarding ORT students’ talent in communicating science and technology ideas / How does a touch screen phone really work? Is it true that women see better than men? How can a rugby team prevent a Formula 1 car from moving? · More
  • 20. 7. 2016
    A bright future for ORT students in Ukraine’s booming IT industry / Ukraine’s IT sector is booming – and ORT is making sure that its students have the skills to take full advantage of it. · More
  • 10. 7. 2016
    World ORT General Assembly – a Meeting of Minds / Two hundred people from ORT organisations in five continents gathered in Jerusalem to reassert their commitment to World ORT’s mission of Educating for Life. · More
  • 6. 4. 2016
    World ORT’s first Ecology Summer School is a howling success / For 30 students from across Latin America and Spain it was the chance of a lifetime – two weeks fully immersed in Mother Nature, learning... · More
  • 23. 3. 2016
    Overtaking the opposition at the biggest ever Robotraffic competition / The results at this year’s Nadav Shoham Robotraffic competition at the Technion are dominated by teams from schools in, or affiliated to, the World ORT network. The seventh annual competition was the biggest ever with… · More
  • 15. 3. 2016
    World ORT teachers explore new directions in maths education / How to encourage more teenagers to learn maths to a higher level is the burning question at the Hatter Seminar. In our increasingly technological world, kids can count on maths to get ahead…. · More
  • 8. 3. 2016
    Anieres Elite Academy student shines at national maths olympiad / Darya Levitan is a role model for girls in male-dominated STEM subjects Shining in maths competitions is nothing new for Darya Levitan, a student at World ORT’s Anieres Elite Academy in Israel. Since arriving in… · More
  • 24. 2. 2016
    Mazal tov Larry Kadis – ORT America’s new president! / The ORT family’s largest fundraising organisation is going from strength to strength, says World ORT Director General and CEO Shmuel Sisso. Mr Kadis has been a supporter and leader of ORT America in his native… · More
  • 18. 2. 2016
    Triple-A rating for the ORT family! / The ORT family stretches across five continents but, as the enthusiastic commitment of the Anières Alumni Association (AAA) shows, it also bridges generations. Teenagers studying at World ORT’s Anières Elite Academy in Israel met graduates… · More
  • 15. 2. 2016
    Innovation and invention – ORT style / Media highlight the ingenuity of ORT Argentina students Two teenagers have applied technical skills acquired at ORT Argentina to social and environmental problems with amazing results. Santiago Aranguri Diaz (left) has developed an app – already… · More